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Promotion of permanent makeup service and pigment removal service.
Today, in the struggle for consumer attention, it is not the best who wins, but the one who has learned how to properly attract attention to himself.
You can be a cool permanent makeup artist or a laser specialist, beautician or doctor, but ... If clients don't come to you, your work is worthless.
Even 3-5 years ago, the permanent makeup market was not as oversaturated as it is today. PM masters in various forums constantly complain:
no clients! the client does not return what to do? where to run?
Opinions are different, the answer is one - MARKETING!
Course authors
Alexander Zhurov
Beauty industry marketer, communications expert.
Promotion of permanent makeup and pigment removal services. The look of a marketer.
Anastasia Spiridonova
Head of the permanent makeup school, instructor CRC Tatoo Remover I+II
How to sell the removal service through the permanent makeup procedure. Pigment Removal Experience.