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Contraindications and complications

Contraindications to PM and tattoo procedures. Complications after permanent makeup.
First aid for complications.
What will happen when the antigen does not "prove" to the body that it is not a foreign agent, but its own - carrying beauty to its owner?
That's right - the body, getting rid of the antigen, will begin to "get sick". But what if our pigment was introduced into an already "sick" organism? If a virus has already lived inside the body ???? (HIV, herpes, flu, adenovirus, etc.), if our client has serious heart problems or oncology, or maybe he just has dermatitis or an allergy to anesthesia, or (if this is her) pregnant or breastfeeding?
In this case, the body's response is unpredictable. But! This can be prevented.
Course authors
Anastasia Krasnova
Therapist, cardiologist. First aid teacher
Complications of permanent makeup and tattoo. First aid for complications.
Tatyana Kleyman
Doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist, international trainer CRC, head of the Successful People Center
Contraindications for permanent makeup, tattooing and pigment removal. How to help a client in case of complications.