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All products of the CRC Concern are manufactured according to the formulas corresponding to the standards of the Food and drug administration of the USA and Europe
USDA sertified biobased product
In 2003, the company received the USDA certificate – a special environmental certificate, according to which all products of the concern contain only certified organic components.
American Federal Supervisory authority
for the quality of food and medicines
In 2004, the company CRC was issued FDA certificate. The FDA (American Federal administration for supervision of quality of food and medicines) is constantly conducting clinical studies and monitors the quality of the results of cosmetic and medicinal products, vaccines, veterinary drugs, medical devices produced in the U.S. and around the world.
Cosmetic Product Notification Portal
In 2018, the biochemical system CRC Tattoo Remover I+II was assigned a personal number on the European portal of notification of cosmetics CPNP, which can be traced in all EU countries and is unique for a particular product.
These products are controlled at the European level to ensure consumer safety.
This certificate gives the right to use and sell goods in all EU countries without additional registration.

№ 2780246 CRC Tatoo Remover I
№ 2780247 CRC Tatoo Remover II
№ 2780248 Soother
The system CRC Tattoo Remover I+II has a certificate of state registration on the territory of the Republic of Belarus, the Republic of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation
No. EN. 052600.12.11
from 20.12.2011 year