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The MASTER course is designed for the training of permanent makeup and tattoo artists, cosmetologists, as well as medical professionals in the correction and removal of permanent makeup, tattooing and tattoos with the CRC Tatoo Remover I + II biochemical system.
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Distance course cost
In English, French, Italian
(access to the course within 1 month from the date of purchase)
CIS countries
USA, Canada and other countries
The course price includes:
  1. 5 theoretical video lessons (structure, functions, phototypes, skin pH; skin cycle; the body's immune system and its response to PM and tattoo; review of removers; CRC Tatoo Remover I + II mechanism of operation; procedure agreement; contraindications.
  2. Practice. Video lesson (protocol of the removal procedure; examples of PM and tattoo removal in different areas: eyebrows, eyelids, lips, tattoo)
  3. Practice. Individual video consultation with a teacher in theory and practice after viewing the course.
  4. CRC Tatoo Remover I + II starter kit for 5-7 customers: a set of CRC Tatoo Remover I + II 5 ml, CRC Tatoo Remover II 5 ml - 5 pcs. CRC Soother cream 7 g - 1 pc. (sent by mail).
  5. Individual certificate of the master CRC Tatoo Remover I + II with a hologram (sent by mail).
  6. Memos to clients and teaching materials (sent by mail).
  7. Agreement on the procedure (in electronic form).
  8. Delivery to you removers and documentation.
  9. Inclusion in the round-the-clock chat of CRC masters.
  10. Access to the course within one month.
Course program
Part 1
Part 1
  • The structure and function of the skin.
  • The immune response.
  • Ph skin.
  • Fitzpatrick skin phototypes.
  • Overview of removers presented on the international market.
  • The mechanism of work of the biochemical system CRC TATOO Remover I + II.
  • Contraindications to the removal procedure.
  • Agreement to conduct the procedure.
  • Removal Procedure Protocol

Part 2
Part 2
Practical video course includes showing the work of the biochemical system CRC Tatoo Remover I + II on the models:
  • eyebrows
  • lips
  • eyelids
  • tattoo
    Part 3
    Part 3
    Master's passing a test exam based on the results of viewing 1 and 2 parts of the course

    Part 4
    Part 4
    The master receives the transport company:
    • starter kit (set CRC Tatoo Remover I + II 5 ml, CRC Tatoo Remover II 5 ml - 5 pcs. CRC Soother cream 7 g - 1 pc.)
    • international master certificate CRC Tatoo Remover I + II,
    • methodological material on the application of the system,
    • memos to the client
      Part 5
      Part 5
      Practice with a teacher
      Individual video consultation with the teacher
      Part 6
      Part 6
      24/7 online support
      The wizard is included in WhatsApp and Telegram chats of the masters of CRC Tatoo Remover I + II, where they can get a competent answer to any question regarding the removal of PM and tattoo.
      The speakers of course
      Tatiana Kleiman
      The doctor dermatologist-cosmetologist,
      international CRC coach,
      head of the "Successful people center"
      At the end of the course, a personal Certificate of Master CRC Tatoo Remover I + II of the international standard with a hologram is issued
      Cтартовый набор включает в себя:
      Комплект CRC Tatoo Remover I+II 5 ml
      CRC Tatoo Remover II 5 ml - 5 шт
      CRC Soother cream 7 g - 1 шт.
      Стоимость стартового набора
      5800 рублей
      *Приобретение стартового набора обязательно
      при покупке онлайн-курса Мастер-база
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