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On October 10-18, we invite our partners and those who want to become them to Russia for the Festival of Successful People, where you will get new opportunities for expanding and developing your business
You will be trained and receive a certificate of an instructor in new programs, according to which you will teach your students. You will visit two capitals of Russia, each of which is unique and has its own unique charm, history and architecture.
You will get a lot of pleasant emotions, get to know your colleagues and find friends from all over the world. And there will also be prizes and gifts from CRC and the Successful People Center.
Welcome to the Russia!
Moscow is the capital of Russia and the largest city in the country. This is a huge metropolis, which is the historical, political and spiritual heart of the Russian Federation. Moscow is the largest capital of Europe, filled with sights, historical and cultural monuments, as well as world-class museums.
St. Petersburg - the city of palaces, white nights and picturesque canals, the cultural capital of Russia. This is a city you can't help but fall in love with. Having visited here once, you will definitely want to come back here again. Architectural ensembles, bridges, granite embankments, outstanding engineering structures.
Training program
Complete course of Pigmentology:
  • The chemical composition of the pigments. Hazardous ingredients.
  • How the composition affects the excretion process and what the choice of removal methodology depends on
Medical aspects of tattooing and pigment removal:
  • Contraindications to PM and tattoo procedures.
  • Complications after permanent makeup.
  • First aid for complications.
Tattoo Removal
  • Combined pigment removal techniques.
  • Practical exercises on models: eyebrows, lips, eyelids, tattoo
New procedure Nujevi Skin
CRC Hollywood peeling procedure
CRC Cosmeceutics and spacevt Nujevi
Communication with marketers
Promotion of permanent makeup and pigment removal services. Personal brand. How to create, develop and not lose.
Excursion and cultural program
Red Square
Red Square in Moscow is a favorite place in the capital not only for guests, but also for Muscovites. It is the symbol of the city, her heart. Its appearance reflects the entire history of Russia.
River walk
River walk along the Moscow River on the Radisson motor ship
The Armory is a famous treasury museum, the basis of the collection of which was made up of precious objects kept in the royal treasury and the patriarchal sacristy for centuries, made in the Kremlin workshops, and also received as a gift from the embassies of foreign states
Historical center of Moscow
Moscow knows how to surprise. No matter how many times you come, it will still not be enough to see all the iconic places of the capital.
Drawbridges are a real symbol of St. Petersburg.
There are only 800 bridges in the city, of which 21 are drawbridges. You will see one of the most spectacular technical performances in the world.
State Hermitage Museum
The impression of visiting the State Hermitage Museum is difficult to describe in words. Internationally recognized masterpieces are stored here. Time itself seems to have frozen in majestic halls among huge malachite vases, Egyptian sarcophagi, Greek amphorae, paintings by the greatest European painters and sculptures by the most famous masters.
Tsarskoe Selo
Tsarskoe Selo is a whole museum complex, which includes a palace and park ensemble of the 18th and 19th centuries. Three beautiful parks, a luxurious royal residence and several pavilions in a variety of architectural styles - all filled with the exquisite charm of a bygone era.
Ballet "Swan Lake"
The Mariinsky Theater is one of the leading theaters in the world, a real symbol of Russian culture.
Ballet "Swan Lake" - enchanting music by Tchaikovsky, talented performers and historical architecture.
Your travel plan:
October 10
October 10
  • Arrival in Moscow
  • Meeting at the airport
  • Transfer to the hotel
October 11
October 11
  • Business breakfast
  • Excursion to Red Square
  • Visit to the Armory
  • Dinner at a Russian restaurant
October 12
October 12
  • Seminar
  • River walk along the Moscow River
  • Dinner
October 13
October 13
  • Seminar
  • Walk through the historic center of Moscow
October 14
October 14
  • Travel to Saint Petersburg
  • Bus tour of Saint Petersburg
  • Night walk along the Neva. Raising bridges
October 15
October 15
  • Seminar
  • Ballet Swan Lake at the Mariinsky Theater
October 16
October 16
  • Bus excursion to the city of Pushkin (Tsarskoe Selo)
  • Visit to the Catherine Palace, which houses the eighth wonder of the world - the Amber Room
October 17
October 17
  • Visit to the Hermitage
  • Return to Moscow
October 18
October 18
  • Final seminar
  • Official part
  • Festive buffet
October 19
October 19
  • Transfer to the aeroport
  • Departure
The cost of participation in the festival is
€ 2850
Included in the price:
  • Transfer: airport-hotel, hotel-airport, Moscow-St. Petersburg-Moscow.
  • Accommodation in 4 * hotels in Moscow and St. Petersburg, meals, training, excursion and cultural program, buffet.
  • Interpreter services for the entire period of the festival.
  • During the festival, for participants only, an additional 10% discount on CRC and Nujevi
Participate in the festival
Send us an application for your participation in the festival
and we will tell you the details